Why the Positivity Meme Is a Lie

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There seems to be a false premise rampant among practitioners of Law of Attraction. The false premise goes something along the lines of "I have to be happy all of the time in order to attract what I want."

This false premise actually backfires. It results in what Abraham-Hicks calls "sloppiness" or "wobble" in your vibration.

In other words, "positive people" are liars.


Because nobody -- NOBODY -- is happy all of the time.

Let's say someone betrays you, accuses you of doing something you didn't do, or breaks into your house and steals your stuff.

Would you be happy? Of course not! You would probably be furious and hurt. And no matter how much you listened to  music, meditated, thought happy thoughts, or watched cute cat videos, you would still be furious and hurt. 

Planting a flag in the ground that defines you as a "positive person" is a lie; worse, it is a form of self-aggression. And you're not fooling anybody, LEAST OF ALL THE UNIVERSE.

There is a tendency to confuse the temporary emotional state of "happiness" -- which is dependent upon positive conditions -- and the permanent state of joy or connection to Source, which is your natural state.

When you try to maintain the temporary emotional state of happiness all of the time, plastering it like a band-aid over negative emotions, you send mixed vibrations out to the Universe, and then the Universe matches you up with more mixed vibrations.

In other words, you put out phony, and you get back phony.

If we are trying to be good or peaceful, trying to suppress or subdue our emotions, that is the basic twist of ego in operation. We are being aggressive toward our emotions, trying forcefully to achieve peace or goodness. Once we cease being aggressive toward our emotions, cease trying to change them, once we experience them properly, then transmutation may take place. The irritating quality of the emotions is transmuted once you experience them as they are. Transmutation does not mean that the energy quality of the emotions is eliminated; in fact it is transformed into wisdom, which is very much needed.

― Chögyam Trungpa, Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

Do you want a clean, wobble-free vibration? Take the "positivity filters" off. 

When you see the lack of money in your bank account, FEEL discouraged. When you feel the empty spot next to you in bed, FEEL lonely. Taste it. Breathe it. Savor it. Feel it in your body, all the way down to your toes. Emotions by themselves are very pure. They deserve to be honored as a precious part of your experience.

Even Jesus got mad. And do you think he was thrilled at the prospect of dying a horrible, humiliating death? So what makes you any more special than him?

Stop lying to yourself. Stop lying to the universe. Stop being "positive". You are perfect just as you are, whether you are joyful, hateful, scared, or depressed.

Remember: God don't make junk.


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  1. Great post.... I think there is such a strong distinction between being positive and being authentic. When we are authentic we can move and honor our focus and attention and where we are putting it.... when we are inauthentic and pretend to feel something we are not, there is no ability to focus our attention or point of view on anything accept inauthenticity. meaning the actual vibration and energy we are putting out is inauthentic and then the universe matches our inauthenticity with more inauthenticity. What we focus on grows.

    1. "...the actual vibration and energy we are putting out is inauthentic and then the universe matches our inauthenticity with more inauthenticity."

      Absolutely bang on! Wish I had written that myself! :-D


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