Huffington Post: I Stole My Dog’s Xanax (aka Finding Inner Peace in Donald Trump’s World)

By Christine Buckley

"I hit rock bottom the day I took my dog’s Xanax. Let’s be absolutely clear: I STOLE DRUGS FROM MY DOG. What kind of crappy human does that? Or perhaps my big low was the day I made myself a cake with cream cheese frosting. I ATE IT ALL. It’s pretty clear that my regular coping mechanisms have come unhinged in the wake of the election.

Since 2010 I’ve worked hard, and somewhat publicly, to find shama, which is Sanskrit for inner peace. In search of shama, I took a five month road trip with my Xanax-taking dog Yoda. Between my time on the road and in the years since, I’ve been convinced that I’ve figured out how to live with inner-peace. It’s a combination of living authentically, and working hard with each new situation to find the calm within the ever-changing storm of life. Living with shama is hard work that needs to be done on a daily basis. But it gets easier with practice, and after six years of commitment to the path, I figured I was practically an inner peace Kung-Fu master.

But then the election happened..."

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