The Art of Allowing

There's a joke among Maine gardeners that the soil in Maine is so fertile that all you have to do is throw seeds in the general direction of the ground and then get out of the way.

The art of allowing, indeed.

"The art of allowing" has become a buzz phrase in Law of Attraction circles. Basically, it means throwing an intention in the general direction of the universe and then getting out of the way.

Unfortunately, "getting out of the way", for many people, has come to mean "eliminating negative thoughts, focusing on positive things, dragging your mind away from uncomfortable events, seeking  gratitude"...

...and so on.

Think for a minute of the word "allow". What does "allow" feel like? Does it feel relaxed? Effortless? Calm? Inviting?

Now think of the words "eliminate", "focus". Very different feeling, huh?

Let's say you are inspired to eschew fossil fuels and grow all of your own food. Suddenly, you uproot your life and pour yourself into establishing an off-the-grid, sustainable homestead in the middle of nowhere.

In the process, you are quite likely to alienate your family and friends, and then discover that maintaining your house and growing all of your own food is too much for you to do alone...

...and you burn out.

If you had allowed things to unfold on their own, chances are you would have found yourself where you wanted to be, without effort, and with all of the support you needed.

Here's another example of self-aggression: Let's say that you run around trying to anticipate all of the things in your life that could possibly go wrong -- relationships,  finances, career -- and then, perhaps unconsciously, tip them over the edge into failure before they have a chance to even get off the ground. This is sometimes called self-sabotage.

Yeah, I do this one a lot. It allows me to maintain an illusion of control over the timing of when bad things happen to me...

...but... guessed it; it's also aggressive.

Trying to force anything -- good OR bad -- to happen on your timeline instead of its own is a form of aggression.

And guess what?

Aggression and Control = Ego

If allowed, things will come together on their own. They will also fall apart on their own.

All you need to do is stop meddling and get out of the way.


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