Helping Others Eschew Oil (How to Make Your Life Less Oily in 2017, Part IV)

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"If we can’t reach someone through facts, emotions may very well be the ticket, but in a different way than you might think. In order to convert to an oil-light life, most people will need to believe that such a life will bring them status and pleasure. You might think that health and happiness would be enough, but remarkably neither are as psychologically powerful. Below we’ll look at sixteen ways to help others eschew oil, some aiming at status and pleasure, others political or practical. Let’s begin.

1.) Walk the talk. You cannot expect others to do what you won’t do yourself. Model oil use reduction. In Gandhian fashion, exemplify the change you wish to see in the world. And let it transform you. Yes, initially people may see your new habits as crazy, pointless, etc., but as your life gets better and better—you gain health, you save money, your personal life satisfaction grows, you become pleasantly grounded in your neighborhood and community, slowly your friends and family will take notice. So walk, bike or take transit to places others think impossible. (This isn’t hard: most Americans think walking half a mile impossible.) Arrive invigorated with your trusty stainless steel water bottle, full of amusing stories of your adventures along the way. Sate your hungry ghost. Clear out your excess stuff. Replace the plastic in your house with fewer but more beautiful things. Celebrate local goods and foods. Give them as gifts, and when you have guests to dinner or when you bring food to other homes, point out the tasty, high quality local food the meal contains. (Bonus points for food you grow in your yard.) Through your vitality and obvious satisfaction, you’ll show rather than tell how a life with less oil can be better than one saturated in it."

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