Life Without the Internet []

Art by Elena Chimaera

Yes, you may laugh at my hypocrisy. However, I am now happily social-media-free and rediscovering the joys of books and face-to-face conversation, so I'm getting there.

~ Catie

"When friends come to my apartment, they’ll often ask for the WiFi password. Most are baffled by my response:

'I’m really sorry — but I don’t have any WiFi.'

One of my earliest memories with my dad — I was probably five or six years-old — was him loading up on Netscape Navigator to show me stills from my favourite movies. I was electrified with amazement.

My dad was a tech-obsessed software engineer, so we were one of the first houses in the neighbourhood to have dial-up internet. Years later, we were one of the first to have high-speed broadband too. Trips to were eventually replaced with MSN conversations, visits to Habbo Hotel, and marathon sessions of video game mayhem on Xbox Live.

While these days, I probably wouldn’t fit the profile of a “tech nerd” (I don’t own many gizmos and, unlike my father, I can’t code), as a child, I was enthralled with the World Wide Web and its eminent vastness. I remember downloading my first MP3 on Kazaa, I remember the magic feeling of opening my first Hotmail account, I remember creating my first website and going on my first binge watches on I remember the social-life-shaking effects of getting my first Webcam, and of creating a Facebook account as a high school freshman.

Somewhere along the line though, I became disenchanted with my old pal, the internet. Today, we see less of each other than ever."

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